Family Business
Jimmy Jims was started by Charlene and Jim Konopka.  
Charlene wanted to name the business after James Senior and
his son James Jr leading to our name Jimmy Jims Auto Sales.  
Jim Sr.  ran the dealership for a number of years.   Ron, Jim's
brother, joined the team in Philadelphia in the late 80's.  In 1988,
Jimmy Jims was relocated to it's present location on Route 206
in Tabernacle, NJ.  James Jr came aboard in 1994 leading to it
being a father and son team that it is today.  Jimmy Jims has
always been family owned and operated with full support of the
entire family.  We strive to sell a car or truck that we would be
proud to drive or own ourself.  When we purchase a vehicle for
resale, we are buying the vehicle just like you, our customer,
would.  Even when the sale is completed, our relationship is
not.  We depend on our customers for repeat business and
referrals, so everyone is treated like family at Jimmy Jims.  
Most of our vehicles are protected with a Nationwide Warranty
for the protection of our customers.  We have a wide selection
of cars and trucks and if you don't find what you are looking for,
please don't hesitate to tell us so we can find the vehicle that
you were looking for.  So when you are ready for your next
purchase of a pre-owned car or truck, we ask you to please visit
us at Jimmy Jims Auto Sales where you will get the best deal at
the lowest price.  So we invite you to become part of the Jimmy