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Why can't we clone this guy?
by Chuck from Medford, NJ | December 19, 2012

I have bought DOZENS of cars in my life...and only twice have I wanted to call friends to recommend they go to the guy that sold it
to me. I just got a car for my son at Jimmy's, and it was refreshing to see that the pre-owned car business has pockets of
professionalism and customer service. This wasn't an expensive was pre-owned and a few years old. However, you would
have thought that I was buying a Bentley. Jimmy trusted us with the test drive, prepped the car, worked through
pricing/financing/insurance issues (that were caused by us, not him...) like a pro. The next time that I get a car, and I figure out
what I want, I'm going to ask Jimmy to go find it for me...
Jim went above and beyond.
by John A from Tabernacle, NJ | October 20, 2012

My introduction to Jimmy Jim's Auto Sales was the result of a friend's referral. I was searching for a particular vehicle. Jim assured
me that we could find exactly what I wanted. With all the tools available to me as a consumer as well as the tools available to the
dealers in today's world, the search was on. Early on I found a couple of vehicles which if not for Jim, I would have purchased. It's
a good thing that I didn't. Jim had brought some things to my attention that I didn't notice, things that were "just not right". As time
went on Jim would say, don't settle we'll find your car. Needless to say, we found the right car. He looked it over very closely as if it
were for him and his family. It was only after he gave me a nod and said "this is it, this is the one" that I purchased it. After taking
delivery I noticed a tire warranty sheet in the Operators manual pouch with the previous owner's name and address. I contacted
the only other owner of the vehicle and he was very helpful in me learning of the car's history. Turns out that this vehicle has
been housed in a climate controlled garage, meticulously maintained, never driven in inclement weather and professionally
cleaned on a regular basis since it left the dealer's lot new. The previous owner had 5 other vehicles so the car was rarely driven.
In listening to Jim's advice, I am now driving that "one in a million" used car. It could have very easily been someone else driving it.
Jim could have easily sold me one of the cars we found early in our search, made his profit and been on his way. Due to his
honesty, integrity and professional ethics, someone else is not driving this Audi S5, I AM. I would highly recommend Jim Konopka
from Jimmy Jim's Auto Sales to anyone interested in purchasing a car. If it's not on his lot, he will find it for you. And, if you find
one, he will make sure its right for you before he gives you the "nod". I will definitely be back as I usually buy slightly used vehicles
to avoid the new car depreciation. John A
Great place to do business!
by Jay J..... from Haddon Heights, nj | October 10, 2012

I've been doing business with Jimmy Jim's Auto Sales for 20 years now and I would recommend anyone to go there for their next
vehicle. If he doesn't have what you're looking for, he'll get it. Jimmy personally drove me to the auction because he thought there
was a truck there that I would like, and he was right! He went above and beyond customer service. That was my 4th vehicle from
him. So if you're looking for a quality truck or car at a reasonable price without the games and gimmicks, then go to Jimmy Jim's! A
very satisfied customer, Jay
by Ron Dim S500 from Washingtonville,NY | December 7, 2013

I called Jim about a car I was interested in & Jim told me to come down, you won't be disappointed. He said the car is everything
you see in the photos & more. I told him I've heard that before & I'm willing to drive over three hours or more if the car is what
you say it is. He said this is a one owner car, well maintained. If you see it, you will buy it. So I told him what day & time I would be
there. He was there waiting for me two hours before normal business hours, because I was going down south. I fell in love with
the car. It was the car I've been looking for ( right year, make, model, interior & exterior color) for months. Needless to say I
purchased the car on sight. I'm hear to tell you if Jim tells you the car is nice, you can be sure it is. He is a class act & a man of
his word. So if you are looking for a great car please do yourself a favor & give Jimmy Jim's Auto Sales a call. Ron Dim
by George Coolidge Jr from Burlington,NJ | December 5, 2013

I just can't say enough about Jim and his wife both are available any time of day for you. They try to find out as much info they
can on the car you are purchasing so you know how the car has been maintained and treated during its usage. They both are
very friendly and approachable for anything you may need or want to know, When I first spoke to Jim it was like I had know him
for years, Himself and his wife very laid back not pushy in any way. You will feel very relaxed and comfortable here they will try to
do all they can for your experience with them be a smooth and easy transaction for you and them. When looking for a vehicle
again I will be calling Jimmy Jim's before I go looking any where else. Would like to Thank Jimmy Jim's for a great vehicle and a
easy and smooth transaction will recommend others to call there first before going to any other dealership.
by Mike Collins from Philadelphia, PA | June 27, 2013

Here's how you buy a car- Go see what Jimmy has on his lot. Maybe he doesn't have what you need... Call him. My experience
was great. I let Jimmy know what I was looking for and he happened to have something pretty close and he had it at a fair price
for the quality of the vehicle. Jim got the keys and gave me some directions to try out the car. No stress. No ride-along. So I did
and the car was purring the whole drive. Came back and let him know I had another car that I would like to see (I planned the
whole day ahead) but that the car drove solid and I am interested. Jim's response was friendly and just, "Okay, I'll be here so
give me a call if you are headed back!" You won't get tricks or pressure or any of that sly used car stuff from Jimmy. He'll treat
you like people should treat people. Simple as that. Do yourself a favor and at least see if Jimmy can help you into your next
car. If not, he'll tell you up front. I've had many car buying experiences and this was the smoothest and lowest stress I've ever
by Joseph Cavallo from Voorhees, New Jersey | May 11, 2013

I purchased a 2005 Mustang from Jim in April. He represented the car online just as it appeared when I arrived. After looking at
25 mustangs, this was a breath of fresh air. The car was meticulously cleaned and he was honest about the little things that he
saw it needed. After a brief negotiation, where he gave consideration for some of those items, we came to terms on the price.
The experience was friendly, easy and convenient. I'd recommend Jim to anyone looking for a honest quality used car!
by Henry Siwak from Manchester Township, New Jersey | May 6, 2013

I recently purchased a 1987 Chevy Corvette from this dealership and was really impressed with how streamline every process
was. They have a selection of clean unique vehicles and are willing to work with anyone's schedule. I work about 70 hours a
week, and they fit time in for my needs. Very Very happy with the experience, and I would recommend them to anyone!!
by philip from mt. laurel, nj | April 7, 2013

Jimmy jims is just an all around comfortable experience. the owner is really nice, courteous, no intimidation at all. your happy
knowing your being taking care of and not hassled during a big step like car buying. if jimmy doesn't have it he'll get it for you,
better then you even could imagine. he's very helpful, only wanting the best for you. you can actually talk to him like a real
person and he understands. by all means, come here first. you'll be glad you did. very nice place.
by Fred from Shamong Twp., NJ | November 12, 2014

Very easy to deal with and I got the impression for the first time ever with a car dealer that Jim sincerely cares about his
reputation and really wants you to be a re
peat customer.
by Ken V. from West Berlin | September 2, 2014

No pressures and very honest family business... Quality used vehicles... Recommend to anyone!